The Business Lines of Dawunt:

Dawunt Business plc is a general export import and business representation trading house. The company exports agricultural produces, and agro-processed value added products to the international markets. At the same time, the company imports various types of agricultural inputs, implements and equipments to support the agricultural sector. In relation to its area of business, the company also represents reputable international suppliers within its area of specialization and competitive advantages. Agriculture being the backbone of the Ethiopian economy and the vast of its population depends on same for livelihood; and this sector is the main business area for Dawunt. Dawunt supports this vital sector through the provision of the required inputs, agricultural implements and equipments. On the reverse side, it markets the output from the sector widely to both the international and the domestic markets. To this end, the company specifically supplies inputs including agro-chemicals, selected and improved seeds, Agri implements and equipment, etc. by sourcing them from dependable, reputable and sustainable sources. In parallel, Dawunt secures export market for the agricultural products such as, oilseeds, pulses, spices, natural Gums and beyond these even for semi-finished and finished agro processed and value added products. The business representation aspect focuses mainly on laisoning the agricultural sector in one way or the other. Therefore, the company can be known as an agri-business trading house established to serve the agricultural community.

The Business Motto of Dawunt:

The farmer, in particular, and the agricultural community, in general, are exerting and maintaining efforts in uplifting the whole nation toward the betterment of life. This development force requires and deserves a reliable and dependable partner that can support or give momentum to its effort. To this end, Dawunt dedicates itself to remain firmly a reliable business and development partner to the farmer through facilitating and enhancing more productive agricultural trading practices. In tune with this commitment and dedication, the company motto shall, in this respect, echo: “Fulcrum to the Agricultural community”

The Business Philosophy of Dawunt:-

Nowadays there are so many trading establishments supposedly engaged in similar business lines. However, what lacks most, among other essential business elements, is TRUST. Business by its nature requires this element more than anything else. As the farmer is rational, honest and hard working, he also anticipates reciprocity from the trading partner in the same principle and philosophy of life. In line with this firm belief, the business philosophy of Dawunt heralds: “Trust is our key to success”